Fox Information Panel Erupts After Greg Gutfeld Defends Elon Musk’s Misinformation

Fox Information co-host Greg Gutfeld on Monday claimed that Elon Musk’s unfold of misinformation in a tweet in regards to the assault on Paul Pelosi was him “trolling” Hillary Clinton, with Gutfeld insisting that Musk’s now deleted publish was only a “joke” that Fox colleague Jessica Tarlov didn’t get.

Tarlov had barely begun to speak in regards to the difficulty earlier than Gutfeld interjected.

When Twitter’s new proprietor “weighed in on the conspiracy theories about…the man who broke into Paul Pelosi and Nancy Pelosi’s home, had zip-ties with him, beat him within the head with a hammer,” Tarlov stated, he “replied to a Hillary Clinton tweet about this, selling full lies about what had occurred.”

“So did Hillary,” blurted out Gutfeld, who apparently thought-about Clinton’s tweet in regards to the Republican Occasion to be on the identical degree.

“That was his joke. He was trolling her,” claimed Gutfeld, who confessed final month to be “pro-disinformation” throughout one other spat with Tarlov. “She got here out along with her personal conspiracy that that is clearly a right-wing conspiracy,” he stated earlier than Tarlov responded.

The accused attacker, 42-year-old David DePape, “was going to beat [Nancy Pelosi’s] kneecaps in… in order that she must be wheeled into Congress to point out what occurred,” Tarlov stated, considering what federal prosecutors alleged earlier within the day.

Musk was “spreading lies,” Tarlov stated, which prompted Gutfeld as soon as extra to say that Clinton was doing the identical factor. “That’s the joke,” he insisted.

“Why did he take it down, then?” Tarlov requested. Musk’s now-deleted tweet linked to a publication known as the Santa Monica Observer, which made a baseless declare in regards to the confrontation between DePape and Paul Pelosi whereas citing no sources.

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“Everyone takes issues down,” Gutfeld argued earlier than addressing Tarlov personally. “Have a look at you. You might be getting too emotional about this,” he asserted, upsetting an excellent quantity of cross-chatter.